About Serge Baeken

Serge Baeken (Turnhout, Belgium, 1967), drawing pen for hire, studied fine arts and free graphic design. After receiving Strip Turnhout’s debut prize, he was appointed the city’s official draftsman. He has numerous international publications to his name, for which he has won almost general acclaim and a bevy of prizes. Also, he provides prizewinning illustrations for the majority of Dutch and Flemish magazines and newspapers.


‘Serge Baeken is like a fountain spraying ink.’ – Joost Pollman in de Volkskrant


‘Serge Baeken is one of the best draughtsmen in Flanders’ – Geert De Weyer


Het Verdriet van Turnhout (2015, Xtra)
Sugar, Leven als een kat (2014, Blloan)
Sugar, Ma vie de chat (2014, Dargaud)
Fast Forward (2013, Xtra)
Vrouweneiland (2011, Xtra)
50/50 (2011, Xtra)
Shuffle (2010, Xtra)
Prefab (2008, Xtra)
De Maagd van Antwerpen (2007, Houtekiet)
Zzz (2007, Bries)
The NO Stories (2005, Bries)


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